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Wood Brothers sends out Picasso

One busy family’s story:

“As parents of young children we’ve pretty much resigned ourselves to that fact that spills and stains are just part of our lives. So I was unprepared for how badly I would feel when my son left a glow-in-the-dark bracelet on our nicest piece of furniture: the dining room table. In the morning, I found the bracelet stuck to the table. Not good. When I peeled it away, I saw a serious blemish and my heart sank.

“Then I remembered Wood Brothers offers furniture care services… and our experience has been exceptional. Everything happened quickly and in orderly fashion. The gentleman who arrived was very courteous and diligent about his work. He took great care in his work and demonstrated true artistry and craftsmanship. I expected “the cable guy” or “the plumber” and what I actually got was Picasso! I couldn’t be more pleased.”

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