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Wood Brothers makes house calls – for furniture needs!

Did you know that sometimes Wood Brothers comes to you? Think about that next time you buy some furniture; you have to call Wood Brothers In-Home Care & Repair to get in the game. But oh, the benefits!

Here’s one true story:

“I rarely leave our 14 year old Maltese alone, but I did one day and got reminded why I don’t. The poop on the floor was an easy fix but the stains on the couch – not so much! I panicked as I had to leave my vacation condo to return home and see my son just home from a deployment overseas. What could I do? I called Wood Brothers and explained things. They assured me that everything would be OK, that they often go into homes where no one is present and “do their thing”. I left for home with some genuine peace of mind and, when I returned to the condo two weeks later, I was amazed that the sofa looked (and smelled) like new. Wood Brothers is well worth the money. I would recommend this service to anyone!”