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  • Wood Brothers makes house calls – for furniture needs!
    Did you know that sometimes Wood Brothers comes to you? Think about that next time you buy some furniture; you have to call Wood Brothers In-Home Care & Repair to get in the game. But oh, the benefits! Here’s one true story: “I rarely leave our 14 year old Maltese alone, but I did one day and [...]
  • A changing table repaired – for the better!
    One dad wrote to tell us his baby girl “exploded” in the nursery one morning while his wife was changing her diaper.  He says: “As the contamination crew (me) cleaned up this natural disaster, I noticed that the changing pad’s plastic snaps had been silently scratching the surface of our changing table for months.  This [...]
  • Wood Brothers sends out Picasso
    One busy family’s story: “As parents of young children we’ve pretty much resigned ourselves to that fact that spills and stains are just part of our lives. So I was unprepared for how badly I would feel when my son left a glow-in-the-dark bracelet on our nicest piece of furniture: the dining room table. In [...]
  • Spring Cleaning for Mother’s Day
    Spring cleaning is in high gear – especially with Mother’s Day only a few days away. Your home will soon be filled with the joy and laughter of family members young and old, and one thing not to be left off the spring cleaning checklist is the beautification of your family’s wooden heirloom furniture. Similar [...]

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Wood Brothers FurniturePro of Arizona have been cleaning and repairing furniture since 1996. Extensively trained to ensure that we provide top quality, state-of-the art services, you can trust that we are local experts who will provide you with the highest quality and professionalism in the Greater Phoenix Metro area.